Customerit Market Research: bespoke customer
knowledge and insights

A successful growth strategy needs deep customer understanding. This means putting insights at its heart to build a clear customer plan. A deep understanding of the operating market and an intimate view of customer behaviours and attitudes is a foundational aspect of any good growth strategy.

Customerit Market Research details

Our Customerit market research projects are completely bespoke, tailored to the unique needs of your business and market. We ask your customers the right questions, so that your growth strategy will be based on fact and rooted in truth, not on misguided assumptions. Your investment in research will deliver actionable outcomes for immediate application through your marketing initiatives:

When does a business need Customerit Market Research?

SMEs should invest in insights regularly to ensure they are keeping up with the needs of their customers, putting themselves in a position to proactively evolve their business. There may be an obvious trigger, like launching in a new market or introducing a new product, which should always be tested with customers for the best chance of success. Research shows that 80% of new products fail so it’s worth reducing the risk to your brand and your bottom line to consult your market through a robust research project. Successful businesses that are invested in growth regularly check in with their customers, through customer satisfaction surveys, in-depth interviews, social listening or a brand health dip.

Customerit Market Research can support your business with:

‘The customer insights program that N.B. Insights ran has been the biggest benefit to date. The information we got out of that was so valuable. The customer interviews they conducted gave us valuable understandings that we wouldn’t have found out any other way.’ – Serena Doven, Tyre Doctor