About us.

A passion for bringing the voice of the customer to life

We discover the points of importance and embed these into the organisation to remove personal opinions and biased marketing operations.

Nicola and Brooke developed the CustomeritTM Growth Programs to ensure SMEs have a better experience with customer insights and marketing, and are able to see the true potential of these tools as the drivers of commercial growth.

Blue-chip clients in AU, NZ and UK

The Customerit™ team has worked with hundreds of clients all across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, supporting them to develop and execute marketing strategies that connect to revenue, while building stronger marketing capability inside their business.

Our purpose

We build customer value.

Our values

Customerit™ work is underpinned by a set of core values that guide everything we do.
Build capability

We use our skills and our framework to transfer knowledge to business leaders and marketing professionals. We help them make better marketing decisions and have control over their business growth.

Instil confidence

We are confident in our strategic marketing expertise and what we offer our stakeholders. We share our ideas and knowledge to help ourselves and our stakeholders grow. We work with our stakeholders to give them confidence in their decision-making processes.

BE Provocative

We create conversations that lead to change with respect and thoughtfulness. We challenge our stakeholders to think beyond the norm to the development and transformation of their marketing capability, exceeding their expectations.


We are passionate about learning about our client’s businesses, we listen and work collaboratively to immerse ourselves into their organisation for better outcomes.

Growth is not a project.

It is an always-on pillar of your business that must be considered and consistently applied. Customerit’s team of experienced Growth Specialists from a wide range of industries and disciplines is ready to leverage customer insights and convert these to increased profitability.

A commercially-minded team dedicated to generating growth

We have a passion to make a difference and support businesses to achieve results. We highlight what marketing really should be doing for your business, then use our decades of experience to support your business to achieve its growth goals.

We offer unique knowledge and insights, then develop and deliver the right plan for increased profitability. 

CustomeritTM Growth Programs, informed by CustomeritTM Market Research –
a proven framework for  business expansion

‘We are now seeing enquiries come in from prospects our sales team has been chasing for the last two years, because we are finally engaging with them through the right channels and with the right message.’
 – Sam Heath, Furtex

When is the right time to engage a growth specialist?

Tactical marketing is important, but businesses can waste a lot of time and money jumping to tactics without the right strategic foundations. Although marketing is a key driver of business growth, it is often the area where leaders feel the least confident in terms of understanding and providing meaningful direction.

Eight signs your business needs strategic support to reach its growth goals

You question your marketing performance and targeting

The founder or CEO is leading the marketing function by default

It is acknowledged that marketing drives growth, but there is nobody to develop, own and drive the strategy

There is a marketing team in place, but they are operating without clarity, direction and leadership

You can’t clearly articulate what your customers want

The marketing team is siloed/disconnected from other business units

The team is busy, but growth targets aren’t being reached

Your marketing is stagnating. What once achieved results now needs more and more investment to achieve growth

What got you here, won’t get you there!

Strong customer understanding underpinning a strategic marketing approach is your key to unlocking more revenue. Our Customerit team uses proven experience, combined with a repeatable framework, to get businesses out of negative cycles and onto strong growth trajectories.

What type of clients do we work with?