A good marketing strategy is often the missing link in a business plan

Marketing is often misunderstood and misused by many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) Without a good marketing strategy, the business plan stands a high chance of failure, at worst – at best, it makes the job harder. It’s like building a house without foundations.   We commonly see marketing misused in two ways: To […]

Dollars and Sense – How to build your marketing budget

How to set a marketing budget is the most commonly asked question from most small to medium sized businesses.   Looking at data from over 5000 business leaders we have surveyed, only 17% say they have a defined marketing budget.  61% say they are working on it, and 22% say they don’t have a budget […]

Marketing & Sales – One really can’t thrive without the other

Pursuing sales without a marketing strategy is like setting off on a long country drive with only a quarter of a tank of petrol. You might get some of the way there, but you certainly won’t reach your intended destination. And you might find yourself lost in the wilderness… It is an unfortunate truth that […]